Jeffrey N. Browndyke, Ph.D.
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Jeffrey Browndyke, Ph.D.

Phone – 919 -286-0411 x4656

Durham VA Medical Center
Mental Health Service Line / Psychology 116A
508 Fulton Street
Durham, NC 27705

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Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Division of Medical Psychology

Research Description

Dr. Browndyke is dual trained in cognitive neuroscience/neuroimaging and clinical neuropsychology. Recent research collaborations involve structural/functional neuroimaging connectivity techniques to assist in dementia diagnosis; characterization of cardiac post-operative cognitive decline; and imaging biomarkers of late-life genetic risk for dementia. In addition, Dr. Browndyke has ongoing forensic practice at the Durham VA Medical Center and has published on the neuroanatomical bases of memory errors, deception and malingering.


Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown University Medical School, Geriatric Neuropsychology & Cognitive Neuroscience, 2000-2003

PhD, Medical/Clinical Psychology, Louisiana State University, 2001

MA, Medical/Clinical Psychology, Louisiana State University, 1997

BS, Psychology/Biology, University of Memphis, 1992

Recent Publications

Browndyke, JN., Giovanello, K., Petrella, J., Hayden, K., Chiba-Falek, O., Tucker, K., Burke, JR., & Welsh-Bohmer, KA. (2012).  Phenotypic regional fMRI activation patterns during memory encoding in MCI and AD.  Alzheimers & Dementia, Jul 28. [Epub ahead of print].

Wee, CY., Yap, PT., Zhang, D., Denny, K., Browndyke, JN., Potter, GG., Welsh-Bohmer, KA., Wang, L., & Shen, D.  (2012).  Identification of MCI individuals using structural and functional connectivity networks.  Neuroimage, 59(3), 2045-56.

Dennis, N.A., Browndyke, J.N., Stokes, J., Need, A., Burke, J.R., Welsh-Bohmer, K.A., & Cabeza, R. (2010).  Temporal lobe functional activity and connectivity in young adult APOE e4 carriers.  Alzheimers & Dementia 6(4):303-11.

Browndyke, J.N., Paskavitz, J., Sweet, L., Tucker, K.A., Cohen, R.A., Welsh-Bohmer, K.A., Burke, J.R., & Schmechel, D.E.  (2008). Neuroanatomical correlates of malingered memory impairment: Event-related fMRI of deception on a recognition memory task.  Brain Injury, 22(6), 481-9.