William Gottschalk, Ph.D.
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Phone - 919-684-6311

205 Bryan Research Building
Box 2900
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710

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Research Scientist, Senior
Department of Medicine
Division of Neurology

Research Description

The focus of my research is understanding the metabolic basis of inherited diseases with a current emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease.  At present we are investigating how disease-associated polymorphisms in the TOMM40 gene affect neuronal bioenergetics and survival.


PhD, Developmental Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1981

BA, Biological Sciences-Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, 1973

Recent Publications

Crenshaw DG, Gottschalk WK, Lutz MW, Grossman I, Saunders AM, Burke JR, Welsh-Bohmer KA, Brannan SK, Burns DK, Roses AD. Using Genetics to Enable Studies on the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics; advance online publication 19 December 2012. Doi:10.1038/clpt.2012.222.

Roses AR, Lutz MW, Crenshaw DG, Grossman I, Saunders AM, Gottschalk WK. TOMM40 and APOE: Requirements for replication studies of association with age of disease onset and enrichment of a clinical trial. Alzheimer’s & Dementia, in press.

Rothenberg BEG, Sundseth SS, DiPippo VA, Brown PJ, Winegar DA, Gottschalk WK, Shenoy SG, Rothberg JM: The characterization of PPAR ligand drug interaction in an in vivo model by comprehensive differential gene expression profiling. Functional and Integrative Genomics, 1: 15-27, 2001.

Way JM, Harrington WW, Brown KK, Gottschalk WK, Sundseth SS, Mansfield TA, Ramachandran RK, Willson TM, Kliewer SA: Comprehensive mRNA Profiling Reveals that PPAR Activation has Coordinate Effects on Gene Expression in Multiple Insulin-Sensitive Tissues. Endocrinology, 142: 1269-1277, 2001.

Ehm MG, Karnoub MC, Sakul H, Gottschalk WK, Holt DC, Weber JL, Vaske D, Briley D, Briley L, Kopf J, McMillen P, Nguyen Q, Reisman M, Bell C, Wagner MJ, Burns DK: Genome-wide search for type 2 diabetes susceptibility genes in Caucasians, Mexican-Americans, African-Americans and Japanese-Americans. American Journal of Human Genetics, 66: 1871-1881, 2000.