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The Research/Development Team is made up of neurologists, neuropsychologists, epidemiologists, and molecular and chemical biologists.  Members collaborate on research design, submit grant proposals, and provide general and specific direction in center efforts and goals.  Team member research interests include 1) the early recognition and characterization of mild cognitive impairment, the development of biomarkers useful in identifying individuals at risk for cognitive decline, and the utilization of these in prevention trials for AD; 2) the epidemiology of late onset dementia in the community; 3) design of global clinical trials to prevent onset of Alzheimer’s disease; 4) cross cultural neuropsychology ; 5) the roles of environmental, demographic, and other health risks in dementia; 6) the intertwining of late life dementia and depression; 7) the use of computational biology to understand the biology of AD; and 8) the genetic, cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to AD.  For the research interest of a specific team member, please visit her/his individual biographical page.