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The Bryan ADRC's Education Team targets and individualizes outreach approaches, extensive conference teaching, collaborative educational materials development and national, regional, state, rural and minority-focused partnerships in the NC Triangle Region. In addition, the Education/Outreach Team supports the development of professional, clinical and research skills of fellows, residents and students emphasizing collaborative research with other NIA Alzheimer's Centers.

The Team has unique links to the NC Aging Network and NC Alzheimer's Associations through collaborative contracts with the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services. The Bryan ADRC Education/Outreach Team creates the ideal infrastructure to translate or interpret scientifically well-informed, rational and effective approaches to the prevention, care and treatment of memory disorders and to disseminate these approaches to promote early diagnosis with consequent improvement in public health and health care delivery.

A major component of the Bryan ADRC Education/Outreach Team, the African-American Community Outreach Program (AACOP), was established in 1995 with its network of twenty geographically dispersed African-American community leaders and addresses dementia-related caregiver education, research, and community needs among African-Americans residing in North Carolina.