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The major aims of the Bryan ADRC's Clinical Team are to accurately phenotype ("characterize"), obtain biological specimens, and longitudinally evaluate individuals with normal cognition and with mild neurocognitive disorders facilitating the research efforts of the Bryan ADRC.

The Clinical Team’s goals are:

Screen and characterize participants in the Prevention Screening Study and Database /Repository (Prepare), currently over 1000 participants, for referral into prevention trials,

Maintain a well characterized data repository of individuals with memory complaints and dementia (+2500) for inclusion in genetic studies and referral into clinical trials and other funded investigations in the Bryan ADRC,

Foster an elaborate established database comprised of individuals with mild neurocognitive syndromes (+500) for detailed genomic medicine studies,

Encourage and facilitate collaborative studies which draw from the Clinical Team resources of biologic and clinical data,

Continue our successful follow-up of research participants in the autopsy program,

Increase minority enrollment into the research program through a strengthened focus on recruitment, and

Engage in collaborative therapeutic clinical trials related to AD and other dementias with other Alzheimer’s Disease Centers and private industry.

Clinical Core personnel: