The Bryan ADRC supports a collaborative secondary prevention trial, the "Enlighten" Study,to delay cognitive decline in patients with mild cognitive impairment in the setting of vascular risk factors. The study is an NIH-funded, randomized controlled trial in Duke’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine whose investigators are led by James Blumenthal, PhD.  The team brings together world renowned experts in behavioral health who have pioneered successful studies in lifestyle modifications to enhance heart health and positive medical and psychological outcomes.  The new line of study addresses changing lifestyle factors tied to heart health with a goal of optimizing brain health and reducing dementia.  The team examines the effects of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet and aerobic exercise on cardiovascular health and cognitive function in older adults. The two year study will determine the effects of exercise alone, the DASH diet alone, and the combined effect of the DASH diet and aerobic exercise on cardiovascular risk factors, cognitive performance, and other indicators of brain function.

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